“We work for woman from Loreto so they have the opportunity to build a decent future for themselves and their families"

Program of Community Saving

 Small Community Banks


It is a very effective social financial tool in the empowerment process of poor women, since it allows their personal, social, psychological and economic development, overcoming the poverty condition in which they live, as long as they have the financial capital to start their own business Or expand what they already have, thus improving their livelihoods.

Association dignity Peru in agreement with the Stromme Foundation of Norway, develops the Community Savings Program in the department of Loreto in the provinces of Maynas and Loreto. And it counts to December 2016, with 592 groups of savings equivalent to 7,224 beneficiaries, the same that are distributed in the districts of Belen, Punchana, Iquitos, San Juan and Nauta.


What is the Community Savings Program?


It is a methodology based on self-saving groups managed by poor women, which includes:


- Simple high-impact education about your business, about money management and your self-esteem;

- Loans and interest earnings and fines; Y

- Solidarity.





How Does Community Savings Work?


15-25 members form a Savings Group and choose a Steering Committee made up of: president, treasurer, secretary and assistant.


The groups decide the Internal Rules, that is to say, the amount of savings per member, interest on loans, social goal and fines.


The groups meet weekly to: save, deliver interest bearing loans, update records and participate in educational sessions.


Beneficiary profile:


  • Sex: 90% women and 10% men.
  • Women between 14 and 65 years of age.
  • Education: Women without educational level, with primary level, secondary, and to productive technician.
  • Housing zone: Families living in rural and peri-urban areas.
  • Economic activity: Women without economic activity or women with small subsistence businesses except activities of bad living or that generate pollution.
  • Poverty: poor and extreme poor.




It is a very effective social financial tool in the fight against poverty, insofar as it is applied with principles and values, it enables women to regain their dignity and escape poverty based on their own effort and will.


At December 2016, Association Dignity Peru has 102 active small banks, 81 are distributed in the districts of San Juan Bautista, Belen, Punchana and Iquitos, Province of Maynas, and 21 small banks are located in the city of Nauta, Privince of Loreto, In the department of Loreto in the Peruvian Amazon.



What is a Small Community Banks Program?


It is a financial technology for rural and peri-urban community entrepreneurship; Through which the following services are offered:


  • Micro loans with a gender orientation, whose objective is to increase the economic income of women and the quality and profitability of the economic activity that they develop.
  • Saving, as a development factor, in order to promote a culture of savings and generate foresight capacity to meet basic needs of families (health, housing, education, and dress, among others).
  • Human education and training, based on a participatory and technical analysis that contemplates the methodology of adult education.
  • Strengthening of organization and solidarity.


How do small communal banks work?


10 to 30 women who have business, who know each other and have many desires for progress and improvement, are grouped together and form a bench. They elect a board consisting of: a president, a treasurer, a prosecutor and a secretary, who are empowered to conduct loan recovery assemblies autonomously and resolve conflict situations within the bank.


They establish an internal regulation that is approved by the members. This regulation establishes obligations and rights of members, as well as penalties for non-compliance with the regulations.


Each member is previously evaluated by a credit counselor to determine their ability and willingness to pay. The amount of the first loan fluctuates between S / 100 and S / 500 soles. In the next disbursements they increase gradually between 20 to 30% depending on their ability to pay and business growth.


After the disbursement, the members meet according to the frequency of payments agreed with the institution, which can be every 7 days, every 14 or 28 days; The payments are made in a Bank Account in the name of association dignity Peru. At meetings, they keep track of payments and savings and receive training on topics of interest.


Requirements to be a member of a small community bank:


  • Sex: 90% Women and 10% men.
  • Have domicile in the community / district where a small bank establishes its headquarters
  • Be of legal age and develop a subsistence economic activity except activities of bad living or that generate pollution.
  • Submit a copy of the National Identity Document.
  • Present copy of receipt of water or light of the place where he lives.
  • Not having outstanding debts in arrears with financial institutions, or with public or private social promotion institutions.
  • To have recognized moral solvency and / or verified credit history, in the community where he / she lives.